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Personal Training

My approach to Personal Training is one that encompasses many aspects of health, fitness and wellbeing.  Not only the practical workouts, but also explanations of the exercises and the theories behind them.

Making fitness an integral part of your life will not only have a positive effect on your physique and health, it will also create a positive influence on your general outlook to life.

I will use my knowledge and experience gained from over 10 years in the fitness industry to ensure you can achieve your health and fitness goals.  Your programme will be tailored to your individual needs, taking into account any barriers or limitations to an exercise regime.

A free initial consultation will allow me to create a programme that will be fun, but challenging and ultimately effective.


There are many benefits to be gained by having a Personal Trainer.  These can vary depending on the type of training you undertake in relation to your goals, but all of the following are possible:

  • Improved health and fitness
  • Greater range of exercises to reach your goals more efficiently
  • Ensuring you get the most out of yourself each training session
  • Providing motivation and encouragement to increase the effectiveness of training
  • Convenience to train at home and not have to travel


Training sessions will typically last for 60 minutes and are 1 to 1.  Although the length and number of clients in a session can be discussed to suit the individual.  Each session will be broken down to include a warm up and cool-down to include stretches.  This is very important to reduce the risk of injury and prepare the body properly prior to exercise and aid recovery.

The main component of exercises for each session will be dependent on the session goal.  I like to vary the exercises as much as possible to avoid boredom and so the body doesn’t get used to them.  Examples of the  exercises and equipment used for them are as follows:

  • TRX suspension system for core, functional and strength work
  • Kettlebell exercises
  • Dumbbell and Barbell exercise
  • Step box exercises
  • Padwork for boxing and combat techniques
  • Resistance bands and cables (especially good for re-hab work)
  • Anything that can be utilised in the home/club or outside

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Free 30 minute Consultation

A free Consultation will take place prior to the first Personal Training session, to include;

  • Goal set-up
  • Measurements of weight, blood pressure and body fat
  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Exercise and nutritional background information

The measurements will then be used to assess results and to assist in progressing the fitness programme to ensure its effectiveness.



A fitness programme combined with a nutritional programme will be the best and most effective way to manage your weight.  You want to ensure your weight loss is done in a healthy, sustainable way.  The stricter you can be, the quicker the process.  Making just small changes to your diet and the exercise you do will make a difference.

The nutritional programme will be devised and monitored by using information provided by you, the client and your specific goals and time frame.  It will take into account your current lifestyle including work and exercise, food intolerances and other nutritional requirements.  Meal plans and food options will be provided.  The programme is set for 6 weeks and will be monitored, assessed and evaluated.

Type Of Session Price
Individual Session £35
Block Sessions (5) £30 Per Session
Circuit Training From £4
GP Referral Contact For More Details
Nutritional Plan £30 (6 Week Plan)