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As a mobile Sports Massage Therapist, I travel to you, for your convenience.  I supply everything that is required for the treatment and I will talk you through every process.

Sports Massage Therapy is a touch connection therapy that uses various massage techniques, including sliding strokes, skin rolling, compressions and hacking.  The massage is applied with greater pressure than holistic based massage treatments, but is always determined by the clients pain threshold levels.

Treatment can be very relaxing during the whole process and there can be benefits that are felt immediately.  Aftercare is also important,  advice is given following each treatment dependent on the reason for the massage and what is needed to get the most out of the treatment.  This can be as simple as some basic stretches to maintain good range of movement.


Sports Massage is not only for sportsmen and sportswomen, but for anyone that needs it.  It will be beneficial to professional and amateur sportspeople alike, participants of any kind of exercise and even if you don’t take part in any form of fitness.  For the couch potato, desk worker or commuter out there, you can benefit too.  Everyone will at some point in their lives suffer with tight muscles, postural problems, psychological and physiological issues.  If this is the case, Sports Massage can help you.

Sports Massage can benefit for pre/post event preparation and recovery, for example a marathon or triathlon.  It can also be used to help your body recover after a workout of any kind.

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There are a number of benefits that can be gained by having a Sports Massage treatment, some are listed below:

  • Release and reduce muscle tension
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve posture/flexibility and range of movement
  • Increase lymphatic flow to fight disease
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Reduce stress and tension created by everyday life
  • Breaks down scar tissue
  • Stimulate/suppress nerve activity
  • Effective for all stages of a performers participation; preparation, training, competition and recovery stages
  • Ideal for athletes who are prone to overuse injuries, as muscles are allowed to relax and recover fully before the next exercise session. Injuries such as golfers/tennis elbow


For the Sports Massage Treatment,  all you will need is to be suitably clothed.  I suggest wearing shorts and a t-shirt or vest top.  Depending on the massage needed, some removal of clothing may be required, although towels are provided for this.

You will be talked through the details of the massage for each individual session before it begins and regularly throughout the massage itself.  There is no need to worry about  the amount of pressure to be applied throughout the massage treatment, as I work to your own pain threshold and it is dependent on your particular requirements.

The initial booking will include a full consultation, whereby I will record an individual case history, investigate what the cause for requiring treatment is and plan how to improve your specific problem with massage therapy and post treatment care.  This will include gait analysis, postural analysis and range of movement measurements.  The details I gather from this are completely confidential and will enable me to provide the best service to you.

Sports Massage Treatments/costs

Prior to the treatment itself the session will begin with a brief discussion on what the particular complaint is, what area(s) of the body and the best techniques to be used.  This will all be agreed between the client and the therapist, so that you, the client knows what to expect.  This will take place prior to every session,  at the end of the treatment session, post care advice will be given.

The number of treatments required will depend on the individual needs of the client.  This is in relation to the purpose, area and reaction of the massage treatment.  The treatments usually last between 30-60 minutes, depending on the areas of the body that require treatment.  The cost of the treatments are as follows:

Type Of Session Price
First Session (inc. Consultation and Assessment) £40
1 Hour Session £35
45 Minute Session £28.50
30 Minute Session £22.50
Pre/Post Event (15 minutes) Dependant on Numbers