Weight training
Weight training

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There is a popular misconception that by lifting weights, you create big bulky muscles!  It is much more complicated than that and if that is your goal, it isn’t easy by any means.  There are many benefits to reistance training and they are not just the aesthetic ones.

Firstly, you can increase your general strength, we’d all like to be stronger wouldn’t we?  Increased strength can help make it easier to progress your training, improve sports performance and make those mundane everyday tasks that little bit easier.

Strong bones!  According to the NHS, working against a resistance will help reduce the onset of osteoporosis.  They recommend muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week by working all the major muscle groups, including the legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms. Resistance training will improve bone density that unfortunately diminishes with age.

Returning to those big bulky muscles I talked about earlier.  It takes a massive amount of dedication, hard work and near perfect nutrition to reach such levels.  A general resistance training routine, will help increase lean muscle and create a more defined and sculpted body.  Remember that muscle weighs heavier than the equivalent amount of fat, but takes up less surface area.  So as you increase lean muscle, your body has to work harder to maintain it and that helps to burn more fat.  The muscle is shaped, so the less fat covering them, the more you see that streamlined body of yours!

Whatever your weight training goals are, from shaping, toning or bulking, I can create a personalised programme to help you achieve this!

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sports massage

Well, many things in fact, some of which I will discuss below:

It helps prepare the body for exercise, perform better and recover from exertion.  This could be specifically for sports related exercise, general fitness training and also everday stresses and strains.

The physical effects of Sports Massage include aiding mobility, reducing or removing soft tissue adhesions that aids movement, assisting the flow of blood and lymph and also forming collagen fibres.  All of this will help increase ranges of movement, thus reducing the chance of injury and removing waste products that assists recovery from physical activity.

Something that we all could benefit from, is the reduction of pain due to reduced muscle tension. Muscle tension is caused by training and exercise, but also by our posture throughout the day, whether at work or even completing general tasks, like gardening and driving.

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Along with the physical effects of massage on the body, there are also numerous physiological and psychological effects.  The physiological effects will generally evoke a relaxation response.  It can help reduce the production of ‘stress’ hormones and muscle contractions.   These go hand in hand with some of the psychological effects of Sports Massage, reducing physical tension, the feeling of wellbeing and relaxation and also lowering anxiety levels.

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It isn’t all about relaxing to have a positive effect though!  Increases of mental alertness, adrenaline and endorphins to the body and stimulation to the client to help prepare for physical activity also occurs.  This gives you that ‘buzz’ to get up and go, perform better, feel good and ultimately achieve more!

All of this can be experienced by taking that step and booking in for a Sports Massage, try it, you won’t be dissapointed.  If you want this experience in a comfortable and professional environment, I am available to take bookings at The Real Salon on Wednesday afternoons up until 7pm.  You will find this salon in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.

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